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Protect from debt collectors and divorce settlements

Assets placed in Trust are protected from being assessed to repay any outstanding debts your...


Protect your home from being sold to pay for care

Assets placed in Trust (including your family home) are protected from being sold to pay for care...


Reduce Tax Payable

Inheritance tax is not usually payable on assets placed in Trust. Inheritance tax is a tax levied...


Avoid timely and costly probate

Assets placed in Trust can be accessed immediately on the death of the settlor whereas if the...


Welcome to our Wills and Trusts website. We a Will writing company based in the Midlands with Will writers based locally in Leicester and Nationally. All of our Will writers take a client focused approach providing wills, trusts and estate planning that is simple and easy to follow.

As anyone who has lost a loved one, particularly in unforeseen circumstances will know, life can throw anything at you.  The passing of a family member or close friend is never going to be anything other than emotionally draining and stressful.  By preparing for the future with a Will at least some of the pressures on those left behind are reduced. Contact us today for friendly advice.

The law is never straightforward and people are often very surprised to find out how the law will divide up the estate of someone who dies in circumstances where they do not have a Will.  The only way of ensuring that your estate is administered and divided in accordance with your wishes is to make a will.

We will talk you through the entire process and explain any issues you may have.  They also have expertise in dealing with Powers of Attorney and Living Wills which they would also be happy to discuss with you. Don't leave your Will or Trust to luck, come and talk to us and we will help you write a will, or set up a trust, which will benefit you and your loved ones.

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